February 28, 2011

WhaT A DaY!

Nothing much to tell but it is
just another hectic and depressing day today..
Got some of my work done this afternoon...What a relief!
However, still, tonnes of work waiting.
Attended PBS meeting at 1.30 until almost 3 pm..
On duty for Reading Programme with 5S1 and 4S1 
classes from 3.30 pm till 4.30 pm.
Fetched my daughter at the school next door
 and brought her to my school..
Wait!! couldn't go home yet since my youngest daughter 
was having her speech choir practice till 6.00pm.
Left school at about 6.15pm..
Everybody seemed very hungry,
"Tapau" nasi and lauk on the way back because 
I know by the time I got home,
I would be too "hungry" to cook.
Reached home at 6.40pm.

At 8.30 pm, just realized that we're out of cat food.
My husband asked me to accompany him to go and buy it.
So, went out again.
On the way back at almost 9.00 pm,
saw an accident which had just happened,
a cyclist and a motorcyclist..
but I didn't dare to look at the victim's body
since my daughter said that he was badly injured,
(already dead)..sooo depressing!
What a day!

Well, regardless of what had happened,
just look at the bright side.
"It's not the situation...It's your reaction to the situation." 


kiz said...

nikmati kehidupan mu seadanya..

Shafiq said...

It depends on how we perceive our life..:-)

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