January 25, 2012

BunGa UnGu Di TenGaH PaYa

This afternoon, I saw these wild purple flowers
in a little swampy area by the roadside somewhere..
I just thought that they were so  LOVELY!

 SS pulled them out and we brought them back.
Then I replanted them in the backyard.
I'm not so sure if they'll survive there
since the ground is quite dry.
Hopefully they would.


Deru Ombak said...

The Purple Flower says:
Even if tomorrow, to the worst of my fears
I have to die, as yesterday my peers
I will do so happily
since someone has seen the beauty in me.

whitecappuccino said...

@Deru Ombak: waa! like it!!

Nurul Afifah said...

i saw the same flower too.!!!last weekend, it so beautiful and somehow it kind of bright up my day..

Cik Sibuk said...

Cantik2..suka purple..saya ada hati nak tanam lavender..sampai sekarang lomtercapai hasrat dihati..penyakit M punya pasall..

anisalya said...

kadang2 kita akan jumpa sesuatu yg menarik di antara benda2 yg tak kan? tp purple flower tu mmg lovely.

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