January 22, 2011

AnSweR Me PLeaSe

why be one of those girls,
when you can be that ONE girl.

why be fake,
when you can be your OWN person.

why be two-faced,
when you know you don't have to please everyone.

why try so hard to be her friend,
when so many others love you unconditionally.

why follow,
when you were born to lead.

why sit out,
instead of standing out!

why sit on the side lines,
when you could be the star of the game.

why hold back,
when you have so much potential.

*Never let anyone make you feel like you can't do something, or that you're not worth it, because I guarantee that you ARE worth it, and you can do anything you set your mind to .Just that you have to GO FOR IT!! *

- The Best Inspirational Quotes-


akmall said...

the word why is enough to explain what has happened... because why is very subjective...

the simplest thing we see..but somehow it is the hardest thing to do (for some people)...

whitecappuccino said...

@Akmall: yess! u r rite!

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