January 17, 2011

BeLieVe IT oR NoT?

It's a long road....(Google image)

This is a story about a taxi driver's long wait for a passenger. On September 20 1887, a wealthy Englishman by the name of Lord Draggs, took a taxi to see his new yacht at a pier in Brighton, England.  He told the taxi driver to wait for him while he took his yacht for a trial run.  He said he would be back that afternoon.

The taxi driver, Martin Holloway, waited all afternoon but there was no sign of Draggs.  Holloway went home and returned bright and early the next day.  Days stretched into weeks, and weeks into months and Martin Holloway still waiting turning down other people who wanted to hire him.

Finally, on May 12 1889, after 599 days, Lord Draggs returned.  He explained that he had planned to return that afternoon but once he went aboard, he decided to take a trip around the world.

His taxi fare came to almost £1990 (which is about RM8360).  Lord Draggs quickly paid up!.

Adapted from: an old book.

For every promise, there is price to pay.  ~Jim Rohn


Siti Safiyyah said...

haha kan tak pasal je tu..setia betul driver taxi tu menunggu kan.. ;)

Kalamhati said...

Kesabaran yg membuahkan hasil..thanks ciknor for sharing this great story..ada pengajarannya..=)

whitecappuccino said...

@siti:a'ah, sampai bertahun.

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