December 30, 2010

JaDuaL HaRi InI

Got up very early 
this morning
fetched my daughter
at mak's house..
fed my cat
prepared breakfast..
hubby went out
for a meeting
sent two daughters to school
for registration
there goes my RM300

waited in the car..
45 minutes!
waaa..very sleepy lah!
dozed off for 10 minutes..
went home,

still sleepy..
need to cook lunch afterwards..
mak asked me to accompany her
to buy something later today..
need to go to the hospital also
to visit my cousin who
was warded,
she had a miscarriage..pity her

need to prepare
sambal bilis pedas
for my daughter 
to bring back to college.
send her off
to the bus station

still got time
before noon..
wanna take a nap..

from google..


azidee said...

ciannya tido je a
rehat cecukup :)

Mr.IX said...

anak2 nak masuk sekolah dah...

whitecappuccino said...

*Dee: tak jadi tido pun.
*Mr.Ix: yer Ix..

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